Giving a User Control a Border

You can give a User Control a border with the following code:

protected override CreateParams CreateParams {     get {              CreateParams cp = base.CreateParams;              cp.ExStyle &= (~NativeMethods.WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE);              cp.Style &= (~NativeMethods.WS_BORDER);              switch (borderStyle) {                  case BorderStyle.Fixed3D:                      cp.ExStyle |= NativeMethods.WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE;                      break;                  case BorderStyle.FixedSingle:                      cp.Style |= NativeMethods.WS_BORDER;                      break;              }              return cp;         }}public BorderStyle BorderStyle {      get {             return borderStyle;          }      set {                if (borderStyle != value) {                    if (!Enum.IsDefined(typeof(BorderStyle), value)) {                        throw new InvalidEnumArgumentException("value", (int)value, typeof(BorderStyle));                    }                    borderStyle = value;                    UpdateStyles();                }            }}
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