Book Excerpt: Enterprise AJAX: Strategies for Building High Performance Web Applications

Book Excerpt: Enterprise AJAX: Strategies for Building High Performance Web Applications

he book, Enterprise AJAX: Strategies for Building High Performance Web Applications, resulted from the authors’ inspiration to address the dearth of information available for more advanced topics in AJAX development. Primarily because people in the industry were still “writing the book” on some of these topics, and despite a couple of years in mainstream use, AJAX was just creeping into the enterprise software stack. For that reason authors David Johnson, Alexei White, and Andre Charland set out to create a resource of information that would be of interest to enterprise developers in this space. In doing so, they managed to bring together current development approaches with JavaScript and the other technologies that AJAX comprises.

The printed book serves as an excellent resource for developers interested in becoming more skilled in the areas of JavaScript development, troubleshooting AJAX quirks and performance problems, and designing usable software from the ground up. Considerable effort went into discussing how to write JavaScript code in a way that should be familiar to Java or C# developers and describing AJAX development with familiar software design patterns. The authors also provide information on hot topics in AJAX development, such as security and offline storage, and present real solutions to building high-performance AJAX applications, not only through code optimization but also through taking advantage of Internet infrastructure mainstays such as caching.

The “AJAX Components” sample chapter provided here offers a look at how you can build an AJAX user-interface component for use in a web application and examines the differences between an imperative and declarative approach. It also presents the caveats of a declarative approach, while providing a complete example of building an AJAX-based, data-grid component.

Download this sample chapter in PDF format (434 KB).

Reproduced from Enterprise AJAX: Strategies for Building High Performance Web Applications by permission of Prentice Hall. ISBN-13: 9780132242066/ISBN-10: 0132242060, copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

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