A Guide to Establishing a Unique Identity in Print on Demand Shopify Store

A Guide to Establishing a Unique Identity in Print on Demand Shopify Store

print on demand Shopify store

If you dream of establishing your own clothing store on Shopify, you are in the right place. According to statistics, the Shopify apparel industry has seen a growth of 41% in 2023 Q3. Shopify is a great tool that has been helping aspiring entrepreneurs set up their online clothing business.

However, budding entrepreneurs need to understand that it is not just important to open an online clothing store; one must also have an element of uniqueness to succeed. For instance, you can leverage the facility of a print on demand Shopify store and collaborate with artists to create cool graphics and designs for your clothing line and to create unique designs and an identity of your own. This is just one example of how you can create a successful clothing business on Shopify. To know more, read on.

1. Create a User-Friendly Shopify Store:

To create a successful clothing business, you must start by making your print on demand Shopify store user-friendly. The following are a few tips that will help with that:

  • To create a user-friendly Shopify store, select a good Shopify theme. There are both paid and free themes available on the app. You need to choose one that suits you the best.
  • After you have chosen the theme, you must start adding products. You can add them individually or in bulk. Here, you must keep in mind that you need to post different views of the product, add meta descriptions, and optimize the URL for better discoverability.  Moreover, adding product and size descriptions of every clothing piece will facilitate the purchasing process.
  • Add product videos to help customers understand how the product will look when worn. Moreover, you can add product labels such as bestsellers, top-rated, exclusive, and staff picks to increase the credibility of a product.
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2. Create your Own Identity: 

After you have successfully opened your e-commerce store on Shopify, it is crucial to give your customers something more than just a user-friendly experience. You must create your identity and take your store in a particular direction. To create your identity, you must identify who you are designing the apparel for. Is it work? Leisure? Sports? Or smart casual? Identifying this will help you create a line that tells a story and speaks to your target audience. To connect more with your audience, you can create a page on your online store dedicated to your journey and how you established your store. This will help you connect with your audience emotionally. Further, you also need to identify the age range and gender of your target audience to create apparel that truly resonates with them. An apparel store works on the B2C model, therefore, identifying your target audience is very important.

3. Know your Numbers: 

Research and knowing your numbers are very important when starting a clothing line. The clothing business requires a huge upfront investment, but there are ways you can cut down the cost. You need to identify the apparel that is cost-effective and offers a great value option. You must identify products that are economically viable while also being the most popular among your customers and invest your money in them. When starting your business, always take a data-driven approach rather than randomly making assumptions. According to statistics, the revenue generated by the e-commerce retail industry is projected to reach $300 million dollars by 2027. Therefore, you must make solid data-driven decisions to leverage this opportunity.

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4. Establish your Unique Style: 

Once your clothing business is stable, you must give your customers something they won’t find in any other brand. One way to do so is by collaborating with artists and graphic designers to create cool and appealing t-shirts that speak your brand’s language. It is very easy to create personalized clothing apparel on Shopify with features such as print-on-demand that help create cool and unique styles and designs. You can focus on a line that sells minimalistic designs or cool graphics that make a statement depending on your target audience, but make sure that the designs are true to your identity.


Establishing a successful clothing business on Shopify is a tricky affair. It is difficult to get things right in the first attempt. However, with a little trial and error and guidance, you can create and establish a business that you are truly proud of.


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