Understanding the Feature-rich Methods of Math Package

The Math package is feature-rich and some of the methods are illustrated below.

public class MathPkg{public static void main(String args[]){MathPkg mathPkg = new MathPkg();mathPkg.proceed();}private void proceed(){int positiveNum = 5;int negativeNum = -5;//Returns a double value 1.0 which implies it is positive (+)System.out.println("Math.signum(" + positiveNum + "): " + Math.signum(positiveNum));//Returns a double value -1.0 which implies it is negative (-)System.out.println("Math.signum(" + negativeNum + "): " + Math.signum(negativeNum));//Returns signOfSecondArgument with the firstArgument. So, here, it would result in -5.0System.out.println("Math.copySign(" + positiveNum + "," + negativeNum + ")" + Math.copySign(positiveNum, negativeNum));}}

Expected output:

[[email protected]]# java MathPkgMath.signum(5): 1.0Math.signum(-5): -1.0Math.copySign(5,-5)-5.0
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