Apple declares iPhone 6 Plus, mini 4 obsolete

Apple declares iPhone 6 Plus, mini 4 obsolete

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Apple Inc. has recently added the iPhone 6 Plus and the mini 4 to their catalog of discontinued products, indicating their constant effort towards innovation and upgradation. If you are a user of these devices, now might be the right time to look into newer models for enhanced features and ensured support service from Apple.

When an Apple device is termed ‘obsolete’, it implies that the product hasn’t sold for over seven years starting from when it was discontinued, not from its launch date. This ‘obsolete’ tag means Apple will not repair or service the device through its stores or authorized service providers anymore, and no parts will be available from Apple.

However, being ‘obsolete’ doesn’t render a device useless. It just highlights the difficulty users could face while looking for official service or repairs. People considering buying or continuing to use an ‘obsolete’ device should weigh this point.

Because Apple won’t maintain an ‘obsolete’ device’s hardware or sell spare parts, hardware repairs could be challenging. Owners may need to resort to third-party providers, which carries the risks of quality and performance. Hence, owners may want to consider an upgrade to newer models for the latest features and improved performance.

Tech companies strategize their product’s transition to ‘obsolete’ status to encourage consumers to purchase newer models.

iPhone 6 Plus and mini 4 now obsolete

It’s crucial for users to stay updated about their device’s lifecycle phases for timely replacements or upgrades.

Obsolete iPhones include iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 CDMA, 4S, and iPhone 6 Plus. These models have been discontinued and won’t receive further software updates. If you own any of them, consider upgrading to newer models for latest features and security updates. Still, if you use an obsolete iPhone, be aware of potential security threats and compatibility issues with modern apps.

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Apple also designates products as ‘vintage’ if they were discontinued between five and seven years ago. They may still provide repair services for these items for at least two more years, depending on parts availability. ‘Vintage’ products are useful for users who prioritize sustainability. Even though Apple plans to continue servicing vintage items, the service depends on available requisite parts.

Apple also categorizes a wider list of products, including various versions of the iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad Pro, along with the iPad (5th generation) and many other devices as ‘vintage’. The company insists that customers upgrade their devices often for superior functionality and enhanced security. Note that the continued support for these ‘vintage’ products is subject to inventory availability for device repair and local laws.


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