Open Source—Programming in the New Unix Community

n this book, five years in the making, the author encapsulates three decades of unwritten, hard-won software engineering wisdom. Using examples from leading open-source projects, he shows UNIX and Linux programmers how to apply this wisdom to build software that’s more elegant, more portable, more reusable, and longer-lived.

Chapter 19 discusses the open source philosophy, gives best practices for working with open-source developers, tells how to pick a license (and why you should use a standard license), and more. It will help you get your software accepted in the open source community and prevent embarrassing rookie-style open source faux pas.

Download the PDF of Chapter 19: “Open Source?Programming in the New UnixCommunity”

“This excerpt is from Chapter 19 of the book by Eric S. Raymond, The Art of UNIX Programming, ISBN 0131429019, copyright 2004. All rights reserved. This chapter, titled “Open Source” is posted with permission from Addison-Wesley Professional.” Buy the book now at DigitalGuru.

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