Fivetran Pricing Explained

Fivetran Pricing Explained

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One of the biggest trends of the 21st century is the massive surge in analytics. Analytics is the process of utilizing data to drive future decision-making. With so much of the modern era being digitally based, data has become an extremely valuable commodity. Businesses and companies compile vast pools of data in on-site and cloud-based storage systems. These storage systems come in several different forms, data warehouses, data lakes, data pipelines, and more. But how can companies compile and utilize all this data efficiently? In the past, managing all of this data would require a large team of data engineers and other professionals to be used effectively. However, thanks to new programs such as Fivetran, data storage, and management have become easier and more cost-effective than ever before. In this article, we will take a look at the Fivetran program and explain the Fivetran price model.

What Is Fivetran?

As aforementioned, data is at a premium. It is an invaluable asset that companies can use to analyze their business dealings and guide future decision-making. But more often than not, data comes from numerous different sources. So the question then arises, how do companies compile and manage the data from all these different sources? As stated previously, compiling this data used to mean a large team dedicated to this one singular task. But this is extremely resource-draining. It was time-consuming and required businesses to pay the salaries of an entire team dedicated to one goal. Now though, thanks to programs like Fivetran the process has become much simpler and much more resource efficient.

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Fivetran is a comprehensive ELT program that is simplifying the entire process. But what is ELT? ELT stands for extract, load, and transform. Or in other terms, the ability to gather data, compile it into one location, and transform the data into a valuable analytics tool. With Fivetran, companies are able to gather data from various websites and other sources and compile it into a singular location. This data can then be utilized to guide decisions and provide insight into the efficiency of marketing and other departments.

Why Choose Fivetran?

As the importance of data collection and analysis continues to surge upward, more and more businesses are turning to tools like Fivetran. With Fivetran, companies can save valuable time and resources alleviating bottlenecks in the data pipeline. Previously, data pipeline bottlenecks would need to be alleviated by a team of data engineers. However, as the data continues to compile data engineers get bogged down by the sheer amount of data being collected. This leaves companies with two realistic options: Hire more data engineers or make use of a tool like Fivetran. Data engineers can typically see salaries nearing $100,000 per year or more, meaning that hiring more of them is extremely costly from a business perspective. Thus, many companies are turning to programs like Fivetran.

In particular, Fivetran is an extremely popular choice. Fivetran is easy-to-use, easily scalable, and cost-efficient. The team at Fivetran is extremely helpful with any questions or concerns, although the platform is incredibly efficient on its own. With Fivetran, a number of companies have seen massive cost reductions and increased profit margins.

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How Does the Fivetran Price Model Work?

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing Fivetran is its consumption-based price model. Unlike some other ETL tools, Fivetran only charges you for what you actually use. Fivetran calculates pricing based on MAR, or monthly active rows, across all connectors. With the Fivetran pricing model, businesses can add or remove connectors at no extra charge. And the pricing is determined by the data used, not by the number of connectors. This makes Fivetran easily scalable for businesses of any size.

With the Fivetran price model, the more you use the cheaper each MAR gets. This means that as your business continues to grow Fivetran becomes more and more affordable. Moreover, Fivetran only charges each MAR once per month, no matter how many times that data is accessed or used across multiple locations. With the Fivetran dashboard, businesses can consistently monitor their MAR usage and stay on track with monthly goals and objectives. For those looking to test the waters first, Fivetran offers a 14-day free trial period so you can test the ETL tool out and see if it is right for you.

Summary: Fivetran Pricing Explained

In summary, Fivetran is a comprehensive ETL tool used to gather, collect, and transform data to be used in analytics. With Fivetran, companies don’t need to hire large teams to alleviate data pipeline bottlenecks, and in doing so they save themselves time and money. And with Fivetran’s consumption-based price model, you only pay for what you need. They even offer a free trial period so that businesses can test and see if Fivetran is the right fit for your company. No matter what line of business you are in, take a look at Fivetran and see how it can benefit your business.

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