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Definition of Apache Slider

Apache Slider is an open-source software framework that allows for the deployment and management of distributed applications on YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator), which is a component of the Hadoop ecosystem. It simplifies the process of deploying applications by dynamically acquiring resources and managing application lifecycles on Hadoop clusters. In essence, Apache Slider enables long-running services and applications to operate seamlessly alongside existing batch processing workloads on Hadoop systems.


The phonetic pronunciation of “Apache Slider” can be represented as: əˈpætʃi ˈslaɪdər

Key Takeaways

  1. Apache Slider simplifies the deployment and management of long-running applications on Hadoop clusters by handling resource allocation and application lifecycle management.
  2. It allows users to create “application packages” that contain configuration settings and binaries, enabling applications to be easily deployed, upgraded, and scaled on YARN clusters.
  3. Slider is extensible and supports integration with various cluster services, such as HDFS and HBase, and also plays a key role in the Apache Bigtop project, which focuses on packaging, testing, and deployment of Hadoop ecosystems.

Importance of Apache Slider

The technology term Apache Slider is important because it plays a significant role in simplifying the deployment and management of applications on Hadoop clusters.

Developed under the Apache Software Foundation, Slider provides seamless integration with YARN, enabling users to efficiently utilize cluster resources.

Furthermore, Apache Slider is designed to support a wide array of applications, including distributed applications like HBase, allowing them to be easily scaled and distributed while managing long-running services within the Hadoop ecosystem.

Being an open-source project, Slider also fosters community collaboration, driving innovation and improvements in the Hadoop ecosystem, making it a vital and valuable component for modern big data and distributed computing environments.


Apache Slider is a powerful open-source project designed to simplify the deployment and management of various distributed applications on Apache Hadoop YARN clusters. The primary purpose of this framework is to provide ease and convenience to developers and system administrators when it comes to running, managing, and scaling their big data applications effectively. Apache Slider enables seamless integration of non-YARN applications into a YARN cluster, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of the YARN resource manager without having to rewrite their entire applications for YARN compliance.

Thus, it plays a crucial role in making the most out of Hadoop clusters by extending the applicability of YARN to a wider range of big data applications. The core functionality of Apache Slider revolves around providing fault tolerance, zero downtime upgrades, and automated application management for distributed big data applications. By abstracting away the complexity of configuration and management, Slider allows administrators to quickly scale applications horizontally and vertically in response to changing data processing demands.

In addition, Apache Slider offers versatile support for Long-running Services (LRS), as well as data-at-rest services that require continuous running without interruption. Among these services are HBase, Accumulo, and Storm, just to name a few. Essentially, Slider facilitates an accessible and straightforward Hadoop ecosystem that promotes greater efficiency in handling and leveraging vast amounts of data, both quickly and stably.

Examples of Apache Slider

Yahoo – Big Data Platform: Yahoo, an early adopter of Hadoop and a significant contributor to the Hadoop ecosystem, incorporated Apache Slider as part of their Big Data platforms. They used Slider to deploy long-running applications and services on Hadoop YARN clusters. By leveraging Slider in their Hadoop platform, Yahoo was able to manage and orchestrate their data processing applications seamlessly, supporting their massive daily data processing needs.

Altiscale – Managed Cloud Platform: Altiscale, a cloud service provider, adopted Apache Slider in their managed cloud platform to enable customers to run dynamically allocated, containerized applications on Hadoop clusters. Apache Slider made it easy for Altiscale customers to deploy, manage, and scale their applications, reducing time for setup and configuration. As a result, users could focus more on their application development rather than spending resources on managing their infrastructure.

Liferay – Content Management System: Liferay, an open-source content management system (CMS), used Apache Slider as an integrated solution for deploying and managing applications on Hadoop YARN clusters. This allowed Liferay customers to benefit from better parallelism, increased fault-tolerance, and overall improved scalability when running their content management tasks with Hadoop. By integrating Slider with their system, Liferay offered a more efficient and flexible solution for enterprise users working on Big Data-driven projects.

Apache Slider FAQ

What is Apache Slider?

Apache Slider is a framework that enables the deployment and management of long-running distributed applications on Apache Hadoop YARN. It extends YARN by allowing applications to be dynamically scaled with a simple API, providing a robust, flexible, and efficient solution for deploying distributed systems on a Hadoop cluster.

Why should I use Apache Slider?

Apache Slider simplifies the process of creating, deploying, and scaling distributed applications on a Hadoop cluster. By using Slider, you can focus on writing the core application logic without having to worry about the complexities of managing a distributed system, as those responsibilities are handled by YARN and Slider.

How do I get started with Apache Slider?

To get started with Apache Slider, you can follow the official documentation that provides detailed guidance on how to install and configure Slider. A step-by-step tutorial is also available for building and deploying a simple application using Slider.

How does Apache Slider integrate with Hadoop YARN?

Apache Slider integrates with Hadoop YARN by extending YARN’s container management functionality. Slider runs as an application on YARN and leverages YARN’s ResourceManager and NodeManager to manage the lifecycle of application containers. This allows applications developed using Slider to seamlessly integrate with the existing Hadoop ecosystem, and take advantage of YARN’s features such as resource management, dynamic allocation, and monitoring.

What types of applications can be deployed using Apache Slider?

Apache Slider is designed to support various types of long-running distributed applications, including data processing frameworks, distributed databases, unique application clusters, and more. As long as the application can be containerized and deployed on a Hadoop cluster, it can be managed by Slider.

Can I use Apache Slider with other Hadoop ecosystem components?

Yes, Apache Slider is designed to work with various Hadoop ecosystem components, such as HDFS, Spark, Hive, and more. Slider can leverage these components’ features and capabilities, allowing you to build optimized and efficient distributed applications on a Hadoop cluster.

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