Definition of Eggdrop

Eggdrop is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot, developed in 1993, that is primarily used to manage and maintain chatrooms. It is programmed in C and can be customized through the use of scripts, enabling it to perform a wide range of tasks such as moderating conversations, managing user access, and thwarting spam. Eggdrop remains the oldest and one of the most popular IRC bots to date.


In the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), the phonetic transcription for the word “Eggdrop” would be: /ˈɛɡdrɒp/

Key Takeaways

  1. Eggdrop is an IRC bot, primarily used for providing various forms of assistance in IRC channels such as moderating discussions and performing automated tasks.
  2. It is highly customizable and extensible, allowing users to develop and add custom scripts in the Tcl programming language to add extra features and interact with other users.
  3. Eggdrop has a large contributor community, ensuring its development and continued support for a wide range of platforms and IRC networks.

Importance of Eggdrop

Eggdrop is a significant term in technology as it refers to a popular IRC (Internet Relay Chat) bot, which has played a vital role in the history of online communication and automation.

Developed in 1993, Eggdrop is considered to be the longest-running and most versatile IRC bot in existence.

Its primary function is to automate tasks and manage channels by responding to commands, controlling user access, and maintaining communication between different IRC servers.

Through an extensive range of features and customization options, the Eggdrop bot empowers users and administrators to enhance their online chat experiences while preventing spam or unwanted content.

As such, Eggdrop holds high importance as a pioneer in online communication technology that has influenced subsequent generations of chatbots and artificial intelligence development.


Eggdrop is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot primarily designed to provide a smooth and stable channel control alongside other useful features. Its purpose is to assist administrators (admins) in maintaining the chat environment by automatically performing specific moderation tasks to avoid inconsistency and human oversight.

Typically programmed with TCL (Tool Command Language) scripting, Eggdrop bots provide a smooth user experience by managing and protecting channels from unwanted behavior such as spam, floods, and abusive language. Moreover, Eggdrop serves as a powerful automation tool, enabling easy customization for channel management.

The bot can be programmed to perform various roles, such as managing user access, maintaining topic-related discussions, and providing entertainment through trivia games or other activities. With its ability to coordinate with other Eggdrop bots, it offers enhanced channel security and prevents unauthorized access.

Overall, Eggdrop significantly improves the functionality and user engagement of an IRC channel, allowing admins to focus on the chat experience rather than manual moderation tasks.

Examples of Eggdrop

Eggdrop is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot that can be used to manage channels, relay messages, and provide entertainment and utility functions. Here are three real-world examples of how Eggdrop has been used:

Channel Moderation and Management: One of Eggdrop’s primary functions is to help maintain order and enforce rules within IRC channels. The bot can be programmed to automatically op (give operator status) or de-op (remove operator status) designated users, as well as kick, ban, or unban individuals who break the channel’s rules. For example, in an online community’s chatroom, Eggdrop can be used to ensure that discussions stay on-topic, and any disruptive users are promptly removed.

Relay Information and Updates: Some developers and organizations use Eggdrop to share important information, updates, and announcements with their communities. For instance, an open-source software project might use an Eggdrop bot to broadcast release notes, bug fixes, and other project-related news. In this scenario, the bot serves as a liaison between the development team and the end-users, keeping everyone in the loop about the latest updates and improvements.

Trivia and Entertainment: Eggdrop bots can be customized to include various games, quizzes, and other fun activities, adding an entertainment element to an IRC channel. For example, an Eggdrop bot could host a trivia game where users must answer questions within a specified time limit to score points. This can not only increase user engagement but also foster a feeling of camaraderie among the chat participants.

FAQ – Eggdrop

What is Eggdrop?

Eggdrop is a popular IRC bot, which is mainly designed for chat room moderation and management. It operates as a standalone program, connecting to an IRC network to provide users with various functions and features, including channel protection, information retrieval, and entertainment features like games and trivia.

How do I install Eggdrop?

To install Eggdrop, you can either download a precompiled binary or build it from source code. First, download the latest version from the official website ( Next, follow the installation instructions provided in the README and INSTALL files. The process may vary depending on your operating system, so be sure to read the documentation carefully.

How do I configure Eggdrop?

After installing Eggdrop, you must configure it by editing the eggdrop.conf file located in the main installation directory. This configuration file contains various settings related to the bot’s behavior, such as the IRC server connection information, the bot’s nickname, channel settings, and access controls. Make sure to go through the file carefully and update the necessary settings according to your preference.

How can I add new features to Eggdrop?

Eggdrop supports custom scripts, which can be written in the Tcl programming language. To add new features or modify existing ones, you can create your own Tcl script or use a pre-existing one from the Eggdrop community. You can find various resources and repositories online containing numerous Tcl scripts for Eggdrop.

How do I secure my Eggdrop installation?

To secure your Eggdrop installation, follow these best practices:

  1. Keep your Eggdrop up-to-date by regularly checking for and installing the latest release.
  2. Use a strong, unique password for your Eggdrop bot and do not share it with others.
  3. Restrict access to your Eggdrop configuration file by setting proper permissions on the file.
  4. Consider using SSL/TLS to encrypt the communication between the Eggdrop bot and the IRC server. Check the Eggdrop documentation for more information on how to set up an SSL/TLS connection.
  5. Regularly review your user access list and remove inactive or unwanted users.

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