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Definition of Encyclopedia Dramatica

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a satirical website that parodies various internet culture topics and individuals, often using offensive and politically incorrect language. Founded in 2004, it serves as an archive of memes, drama, and internet subcultures. Encyclopedia Dramatica is known for its controversial and provocative content, making it a divisive online entity.


The phonetic pronunciation of “Encyclopedia Dramatica” would be:en-sahy-kluh-PEE-dee-uh druh-MAT-i-kuh

Key Takeaways

  1. Encyclopedia Dramatica is a satirical wiki-style website that focuses on internet drama, subcultures, and controversial topics, which often contains mature and offensive content.
  2. The website serves as an alternative to mainstream information sources and heavily relies on dark humor, sarcasm, and parody, making it subjective and not suitable for academic or research purposes.
  3. Encyclopedia Dramatica’s content has attracted criticism from various groups, resulting in the shutdown and revival of the website multiple times. It is essential to approach the information on the site with a critical mindset and an understanding of its satirical nature.

Importance of Encyclopedia Dramatica

Encyclopedia Dramatica is an important technology term as it represents a unique, often controversial, perspective on internet culture.

Launched in 2004, it is a satirical, wiki-based platform that documents internet phenomena, subcultures, and events in a provocative and humorous manner.

Primarily focused on internet drama, the website has gained notoriety for its unapologetic and irreverent content, including parodying other websites and showcasing the darker side of the online world.

Despite facing criticism and being shut down temporarily, Encyclopedia Dramatica persists as a significant artifact of internet history and provides an inimitable exploration of internet trends, showcasing both the creative and contentious aspects of online communities.


Encyclopedia Dramatica primarily serves as a satirical wiki and a comprehensive guide to internet culture, memes, and other online happenings. It was created as a humorous platform for recording, mocking, and documenting the various aspects of internet phenomena, including exploitable trends, drama, trolling, and even individuals who gained infamy within the digital realm.

This user-driven website adopts an almost informal and subjective approach, seeking to entertain its readers by shedding light on the absurdities found online, whether it be through satirical articles, videos, or images. Owing to its colorful and controversial content, Encyclopedia Dramatica has carved a unique niche within internet culture, praised for daring to address and lampoon various societal issues.

For users entering the world of Encyclopedia Dramatica, it is important to note that the lighthearted and often offensive material on the website is intended to be taken with a pinch of salt. Its purpose is not to provide factual information or comprehensive knowledge, but to amuse its audience by diving into the darker and weirder sides of the online world.

Encyclopedia Dramatica serves as a melting pot for users to engage in discussions and share satirical perspectives, thus contributing to the ever-growing lexicon of internet culture.

Examples of Encyclopedia Dramatica

Legal Issues and Censorship: In 2011, the website Encyclopedia Dramatica faced legal issues for its satirical and controversial content. This led to an Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) investigation, which concluded that the website violated Australian law. The site was later redirected to a sanitized “Oh Internet” website, which faced criticism from its users for its toned-down content. This real-world example highlights the challenges of managing online content that may offend or breach legal boundaries while balancing the need for freedom of expression.

Satire and Social Commentary: The technology behind Encyclopedia Dramatica allowed users to create and edit content related to internet culture, memes, and controversial events. In this context, the content on Encyclopedia Dramatica often used a humorous, offensive, or exaggerated tone to comment on current events, internet communities, and popular culture. While some visitors appreciated the site’s unapologetic approach to satire and social commentary, others found it distasteful.

Influence on Internet Culture: Throughout its existence, Encyclopedia Dramatica has shaped and reflected various aspects of internet culture, such as memes, trolling, and online drama. It has served as a central hub and resource for those interested in engaging with or learning about these online phenomena. The site’s controversial nature has sparked discussion and debate about appropriate online conduct, censorship, and the role of satirical websites in shaping internet culture. In this way, Encyclopedia Dramatica has left a lasting impact on the digital landscape.Overall, these real-world examples demonstrate the implications that a technology like Encyclopedia Dramatica can have on legal issues, social commentary, and internet culture.

FAQ: Encyclopedia Dramatica

What is Encyclopedia Dramatica?

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a satirical website that parodies internet culture, memes, and other online phenomena. It was created in 2004 as a way for users to post humorous commentary about various topics, ranging from real-life events to internet subcultures.

Is the content on Encyclopedia Dramatica true and factual?

No, the content on Encyclopedia Dramatica is intended to be humorous and satirical. While some information may be rooted in truth, most of the articles are written in a sarcastic or exaggerated tone, so it should not be taken as a reliable source of information.

Are there any guidelines or restrictions on the content of Encyclopedia Dramatica?

Encyclopedia Dramatica allows a wide range of content, focusing on humor and satire. However, posts that are excessively malicious, defamatory, or illegal may be removed at the discretion of the site administrators.

How can I contribute to Encyclopedia Dramatica?

Users can contribute to Encyclopedia Dramatica by creating an account on the website and editing articles or adding new ones. Keep in mind that the content should be satirical, mocking internet culture and related topics.

I find some content on Encyclopedia Dramatica offensive. What can I do about it?

Encyclopedia Dramatica is meant to be satirical and often intentionally provocative. If you find content offensive, it is recommended to avoid the website. If you believe that specific content crosses the line, you can also report it to the website administrators for review.

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