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FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform relational database application from FileMaker Inc., a subsidiary of Apple Inc. It offers tools for creating, managing, and sharing databases that are customizable to meet a user or business’s specific needs. It supports a direct distribution of standalone applications and is known for its ease of use and flexibility.


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  1. FileMaker Pro is a robust database management tool that offers a platform to create and manage databases, custom apps, and websites. It is used by businesses of all sizes for seamless data organization.
  2. The platform supports cross-platform compatibility, meaning the databases or apps created can be used across different operating systems like Windows, iOS, and WebDirect from any browsers.
  3. FileMaker Pro provides intuitive and powerful customization options for databases with its scripting capabilities and layout/design features. This allows users to tailor their databases in accordance with their specific requirements.



FileMaker Pro is an important piece of technology as it serves as a cross-platform relational database application. It is produced by Claris International, a subsidiary of Apple Inc., allowing for extensive integration with Apple’s ecosystem. This tool uniquely provides an intuitive interface that facilitates the creation of custom business applications. Developers and users can create, develop and manage data-rich apps that are tailored to their organization’s specific needs. Not only is it flexible and customizable, but it also offers robust security measures. Furthermore, FileMaker Pro supports a diverse range of functions such as inventory, invoicing, project management, and more. Ultimately, its significance lies in its ability to streamline business processes, enhance operational efficiency and improve overall productivity for many industries.


FileMaker Pro is a robust and versatile cross-platform relational database application. Developed by FileMaker Inc., a subsidiary of Apple Inc., its primary purpose is to let users create customized database solutions for their business that can be deployed on platforms including macOS, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and the web. The aim is to simplify the process of database management, enabling even non-technical users to ensure their data is organized, accessible, and periodically updated with ease. It allows effortless creation of layouts, forms, and screens that display the data and can handle a wide range of formats including text, images, and even files.FileMaker Pro is widely used to consolidate and manage various kinds of data, particularly in the business environment. Businesses use it for tasks ranging from project management, inventory tracking, invoicing, contact management, and cataloging among others. It provides a platform where businesses can establish a centralized system of linked databases, ensuring improved workflow, reduced discrepancies, better real-time visibility of data, and thereby facilitating informed decision-making. Moreover, with its ability to create web-ready applications, businesses can ensure that data is readily accessible anytime, anywhere.


1. Educational Institutions: Many educational institutions use FileMaker Pro to manage their database workload. An example is the University of Southern California (USC) that uses FileMaker Pro for its student information system. The software helps in keeping a record of student attendance, grades, and other academic-related data.2. Medical Database Management: FileMaker Pro is widely used in the health sector. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia uses FileMaker Pro for patient tracking, clinical data management, and research. This helps to increase efficiency in the healthcare processes such as scheduling patient appointments, keeping patient records, and analyzing the effectiveness of various treatments.3. Small Business Management: An instance of use in small business is a home improvement company, known as Majestic Exteriors LLC. They use FileMaker Pro to manage their customer relations and project management databases. The tool helps the company to keep track of their customer interactions and organize resources for ongoing and upcoming projects.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

**Frequently Asked Questions about FileMaker Pro****Q1: What is FileMaker Pro?**A1: FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform relational database application from Claris International, a subsidiary of Apple Inc. It allows users to create custom applications, manage data, and interact with data in various ways.**Q2: What is FileMaker Pro used for?**A2: FileMaker Pro is used for managing and organizing data in a flexible, user-friendly interface. It’s widely used in business for tasks like inventory tracking, invoice management, monitoring events, project management and much more.**Q3: How does FileMaker Pro work?**A3: FileMaker Pro works by allowing users to create custom layouts or applications which are based on databases that are capable of handling multiple users at once. It works with a variety of data types and allows complex relational data organization.**Q4: Is FileMaker Pro compatible with multiple platforms?**A4: Yes, FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform solution, compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. There is also a version for web (FileMaker WebDirect) and mobile devices (FileMaker Go).**Q5: What programming language does FileMaker Pro use?**A5: FileMaker Pro uses a scripting language that is unique to FileMaker products. However, it also interfaces with SQL databases and can integrate with various web services.**Q6: Is FileMaker Pro good for beginners?**A6: Yes, one of the greatest advantages of FileMaker Pro is that it is user-friendly, even for those with little programming or database experience. It provides a graphical interface and security features that make it easy for beginners to use.**Q7: Can I integrate FileMaker Pro with other software?**A7: Yes, FileMaker Pro has extensive integration capabilities. It can integrate with other software including SQL databases, and web services. FileMaker also supports REST APIs.**Q8: How secure is FileMaker Pro?**A8: FileMaker Pro places a high emphasis on security. It incorporates features such as encryption, account-based permissions, and advanced security settings.**Q9: Can FileMaker Pro handle large volume of data?**A9: Yes, FileMaker Pro can handle a large volume of data efficiently. It’s capable of managing and storing millions of rows of data.**Q10: How to learn FileMaker Pro?**A10: You can learn FileMaker Pro through self-paced training materials provided by Claris, through various online resources, or via classroom-based courses. There are also many third-party books and tutorials available.**Q11: Is FileMaker Pro free?**A11: No, FileMaker Pro is not free. It’s a licensed product and the cost depends on the number of users and the specific package you choose. However, a free trial is often available.

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