Foneros is a term associated with the Fon community and its members. Fon is a global Wi-Fi network that allows its members, known as Foneros, to share their internet connections with other members. In return for sharing their Wi-Fi, Foneros gain access to free Wi-Fi at any Fon hotspot around the world.


The phonetic pronunciation of the keyword “Foneros” is: /fəˈnɛroʊs/

Key Takeaways

  1. Foneros are a community of users that share their Wi-Fi through the Fon network, allowing members to access the internet for free when in range of another Fonero’s hotspot.
  2. By becoming a Fonero, individuals can save money on their own internet usage, access a global network of hotspots, and even earn credits when other members use their Wi-Fi connection.
  3. The Fon network utilizes a secure technology called ‘Fonera’ routers, which automatically separate shared Wi-Fi for guests from the private connection, ensuring the privacy and security of the home network.


The technology term “Foneros” is important because it refers to the members of the Fon community who share their Wi-Fi connection with others in exchange for free access to Wi-Fi spots provided by other Foneros globally.

As a part of the FON Wi-Fi sharing movement, Foneros contribute to the notion of a collaborative and interconnected world, emphasizing on the idea of sharing and collaboration.

By participating in this movement, Foneros not only gain access to a vast network of Wi-Fi hotspots but also help others in need of connectivity, showcasing a cooperative approach to technology and bolstering a sense of global community.


Foneros is a term associated with the global community of individuals and businesses that support the FON network. This network was established with the purpose of enabling people to share their wireless internet connections and gain access to other shared connections.

By participating in this system, Foneros help create a wide-ranging, interconnected, and easily accessible network of Wi-Fi hotspots. Their primary purpose is to provide internet connectivity to other Foneros in exchange for having access to the network’s shared hotspots worldwide.

This fosters a sense of collaboration and community spirit while offering continuous internet access for its users. In addition to individual users, many establishments like cafes, libraries, and shopping centers have joined the Foneros initiative, enhancing the network’s presence and making it more extensive.

This extensive network benefits its participants by keeping them connected on the go and providing additional value to locations where Foneros Wi-Fi hotspots are available. By participating in this sharing economy initiative, both individuals and businesses can contribute to a global movement that aims to make internet access more accessible, affordable, and efficient for users.

Examples of Foneros

Foneros is a Wi-Fi sharing network using Fon, a global Wi-Fi service provider creating a network of shared hotspots. Here are three real-world examples of how the technology has been implemented and used:

Fonero Community in Spain: Fon initially started in Spain in 2006 as a community-based Wi-Fi network. People who shared their Wi-Fi (called Foneros) got access to other Foneros’ Wi-Fi for free. This created a vast network of shared hotspots across the country, allowing users to connect to the internet whenever they were close to another Fonero’s hotspot. This community-based sharing concept soon expanded to other countries as well.

British Telecom (BT) and Fon Partnership: In 2007, British Telecom partnered with Fon to create BT Fon, now known as BT Wi-Fi with Fon. This collaboration allowed BT broadband customers to become Foneros by sharing a portion of their Wi-Fi bandwidth with other BT Wi-Fi users. In return, these customers gained access to millions of Fon and BT Wi-Fi hotspots around the world, providing internet connectivity while traveling or in public spaces.

Fon and SFR (France) Collaboration: In 2009, Fon partnered with French telecommunications company SFR to offer Fon’s Wi-Fi sharing services to their customers. The partnership allowed SFR customers to safely share their Wi-Fi with other users, thereby gaining access to more than 20 million hotspots provided by Fon worldwide. This collaboration significantly expanded Fon’s presence in Europe and provided SFR customers with additional benefits for being part of the Fonero community.

Foneros FAQ

What is Foneros?

Foneros is a global community of individuals who share their Wi-Fi access points with other members, creating a large network of accessible Wi-Fi hotspots. Members of the Foneros community benefit from this shared access by having internet connectivity at various locations, even when traveling.

How do I become a Foneros member?

To become a Foneros member, you need to sign up on the Foneros website and purchase a Fon router. Once you’ve set up your router and connected it to the internet, you will become part of the Foneros community, allowing other members to access your Wi-Fi and, in turn, giving you access to the entire Foneros network.

Is there a cost to join Foneros?

There may be an initial cost in purchasing the required Fon router. However, once you’re set up, participation in the Foneros community is free, granting you access to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide.

Is my personal information and data safe when using Foneros?

Yes, Foneros takes user privacy and security very seriously. The Fon router creates two separate Wi-Fi access points – one for your private use and one for sharing with other Foneros members. Your private network remains secure and accessible only to you and your trusted users.

How can I find Foneros Wi-Fi hotspots while traveling?

Foneros provides a mobile app and a web-based map for locating Wi-Fi hotspots in their network. Using either of these tools, you can easily find and connect to nearby Foneros Wi-Fi access points provided by other members of the community.

Can I use Foneros outside of my home country?

Yes, Foneros is an international community with Wi-Fi hotspots available around the world. As a member, you can access the Foneros network and enjoy seamless connectivity while traveling in supported countries.

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