Gammima, also known as “Gamima.AG”, is a type of computer worm that primarily targets online gamers. This malicious software specifically aims at stealing personal and account information related to various online games. It then spreads to removable drives such as USB sticks and external hard drives, thereby infecting other systems.


The phonetics of the keyword “Gammima” would be: ‘gæməmə

Key Takeaways

1. Gammima: Also known as Gammima.AG and Trojan.Win32.Gammima, Gammima is a malicious worm designed to steal online gaming credentials. It was first identified in 2008 and primarily targets computers in Asia.

2. Propagation Method: Gammima utilizes external storage devices (like USB drives) to spread. When an infected device is connected to a computer, the worm copies itself onto the machine and modifies the system registry to ensure it runs on startup.

3. Targeting System: Gammima targets certain online video game titles to steal user’s credentials. These games are mostly popular in East Asia. Once the worm has collected the information, it sends it back to a predefined address.


Gammima, also known as Worm:Win32/Gammima.AG, is critically significant in the technology and cybersecurity landscape as it’s a computer worm identified by various antivirus vendors. Notably, Gammima gained international attention when it became the first known virus to travel to space in August 2008, infecting laptops on the International Space Station. Its main aim is to steal sensitive information from infected systems, particularly online gaming credentials, which can be sold for financial gain. Additionally, highlighting the destructiveness of the worm, infected systems can suffer from decreased performance and stability. Its existence, therefore, necessitates the continuous advancements in cybersecurity measures and antivirus software to manage such threats.


Gammima, also known as “Gammi” or “Tibs,” is a type of computer worm that primarily targets online gamers. This worm is designed to harvest specific information that can be monetized by the attackers. Particularly, Gammima seeks for login credentials and related data for various online video games. The intention behind this is to steal virtual in-game goods or access game accounts, which can then be traded or sold for real-world money. It is able to spread via various means including email attachments, malicious downloads, or infected removable drives.Gammima also has the ability to replicate itself and propagate through local networks or removable storage devices, maintaining its persistence on infected systems. Once a computer system is infected, Gammima operates in the background, usually without the awareness of the user. It employs keylogging to capture usernames and passwords or other sensitive information when the victim inputs them. By focusing on gamers, the attackers behind Gammima exploit the economic potential of the massively multiplayer online gaming market, thereby capitalizing on the trading of virtual game items or currency.


“Gammima” is a term related to computer security, specifically referring to a worm called “Worm:Win32/Gammima.AG”. Here are three real-world instances related to this term:1. **International Space Station (ISS) Infection**: In 2008, laptops aboard the ISS were found to be infected by the Gammima.AG worm. The worm was likely carried to space via a USB stick. Its primary intent was to steal information, mainly related to online gaming passwords. It made headlines because it was the first time a computer virus had crossed the frontier of space.2. **Enterprise Network Breach**: Many company networks have become victims of the Gammima worm. It spreads through removable drives and once infects a computer, it collects personal information to transmit to a hacker. Flash drives connected to infected computers would also transmit the worm, potentially infecting an entire network.3. **Personal Computer Infection**: Various individual users around the globe have reported being infected by the Gammima worm. If the computer user was an online gamer, the worm would try to steal online gaming credentials. Antivirus software and firewalls typically can detect and remove the worm to prevent further infection or data loss.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

**Q:** What is Gammima?**A:** Gammima is a type of computer worm that targets online gamers. It originated from Asia and is designed to steal user information, particularly linked to online computer games.**Q:** How does the Gammima worm function?**A:** Once Gammima infiltrates a system, it searches for specific online gaming applications. It then extracts user information which it sends to a remote server controlled by the worm’s author.**Q:** What kind of information does the Gammima worm extract?**A:** Gammima primarily targets account information such as usernames and passwords from a variety of online games. The intent is usually financial gain.**Q:** How can Gammima enter my computer system?**A:** Gammima typically spreads through removable drives. For example, if an infected USB stick is connected to a computer, the worm can automatically copy itself onto the system.**Q:** How can one protect their system against Gammima?**A:** Some of the protection measures include keeping your antivirus software up to date, not opening suspicious emails or clicking on unknown links, disabling autorun for removable drives, and regularly updating and patching your systems and applications.**Q:** What should I do if I suspect my system has been infected by the Gammima worm?**A:** If you suspect an infection, run a full system scan with a reliable antivirus or anti-malware program. If your system is confirmed to be infected, the software can help remove the worm and any associated files, and secure your system against future threats.**Q:** Can Gammima cause any significant damage?**A:** While Gammima’s primary motive is to steal login information for games, an infection could indeed lead to wider system instability. It might slow down your computer, cause crashes, and expose your system to additional cyber threats. Therefore, it’s essential to remove it as soon as possible.**Q:** Are specific games targeted by the Gammima worm?**A:** Gammima is typically associated with popular online games in Asia, but it doesn’t necessarily limit itself to this region. Its targets largely depend on what games the users on the infected systems are playing.

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