IntelliPoint is a Microsoft software driver that provides advanced features and customizable options for Microsoft mice. Released in 1996, it allows users to adjust mouse settings, such as button functions, scrolling speed, and pointer accuracy. The software enhances the overall functionality of a Microsoft mouse, improving user experience.


The phonetics for the keyword “IntelliPoint” is:ɪnˈtɛlɪpoɪnt

Key Takeaways

  1. IntelliPoint is a Microsoft software designed to enhance the functionality and features of Microsoft mice, giving users greater customization and control options.
  2. It allows users to assign specific functions and macros to different mouse buttons, enabling a more efficient and personalized workflow, especially in gaming and productivity settings.
  3. IntelliPoint offers additional features such as the Magnifier, which is a helpful accessibility tool for users with visual impairments, and the Instant Viewer function, which enables quick switching between open windows and applications.


IntelliPoint is an important technology term as it refers to Microsoft’s proprietary software designed for use with their branded computer mice.

The significance of this software lies in its ability to provide advanced customization capabilities for a variety of Microsoft mice.

IntelliPoint allows users to personalize their mice by assigning specific commands or actions to buttons, modifying tracking speed, and adjusting other settings to enhance overall user experience and productivity.

As technology evolves, user-friendly customization tools like IntelliPoint play a crucial role in maximizing the efficiency of input devices, ensuring that the needs and preferences of various users are effectively catered to.


IntelliPoint is a proprietary software technology developed by Microsoft, designed to enhance the functionality and user experience of Microsoft-branded computer mice. The primary purpose of IntelliPoint is to provide users with a comprehensive platform that enables them to customize the nuance and performance of their pointing device according to their preferences and needs.

This customization proves useful for an array of activities ranging from precision work in graphical environments to enhanced productivity in everyday tasks. IntelliPoint achieves this degree of personalization by allowing users to assign unique actions to buttons, alter pointer speed, adjust scrolling characteristics, and access various pointer schemes and visual effects.

To ensure a seamless and effortless user experience, IntelliPoint seamlessly integrates with Microsoft operating systems and adapts to different keyboard layouts, pointer movement sensitivity, and user preferences. In addition, the software’s compatibility with a wide range of Microsoft mouse devices allows users to benefit from this enhanced functionality regardless of the type of mouse they own.

As a result, IntelliPoint has become a staple for many users who value the ability to tailor their mouse settings on the fly, for improved precision and efficiency across a diverse range of computing tasks.

Examples of IntelliPoint

IntelliPoint was a Microsoft software program that allowed users to customize the functionality and features of their Microsoft mice. While it was discontinued and replaced with Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, below are three real-world examples of its usage when it was active:

Customizing Buttons in Gaming: In gaming, a user could utilize IntelliPoint to customize the buttons and responsiveness of their Microsoft gaming mouse. By assigning different commands and macros to specific buttons, it optimized the user’s in-game performance and provided a competitive edge.

Enhanced Accessibility: Individuals with disabilities or limited mobility could use IntelliPoint to modify the settings of their Microsoft mouse according to their needs, such as changing button assignments, adjusting the mouse speed and sensitivity, or enabling specific accessibility features, like sticky buttons or ClickLock.

Streamlining Workflows: Office workers and creative professionals leveraged IntelliPoint to customize their Microsoft mouse to streamline their daily tasks. By assigning frequently used application commands or shortcuts to specific mouse buttons, users could save time and increase their efficiency while working with software like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, or other productivity tools.

IntelliPoint FAQ

What is IntelliPoint?

IntelliPoint is a software application developed by Microsoft that allows users to customize the unique features and functionality of Microsoft-branded computer mice. The software provides different settings and programmability options, enabling personalized mouse behavior for individual preferences.

Which operating systems support IntelliPoint?

IntelliPoint is compatible with various Microsoft operating systems, including Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2003. However, newer versions of Windows may use the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center instead.

How can I download and install IntelliPoint?

You can download IntelliPoint from the official Microsoft Download Center website by searching for the software, selecting your operating system, and following the download instructions. After downloading the installer, run the executable file and follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

What are some features of IntelliPoint?

IntelliPoint offers various features, including the ability to customize button functions, adjust mouse sensitivity, modify scroll speed, enable or disable ClickLock, and more. The software also provides access to device-specific settings, such as battery level and mouse resolution.

How do I customize my mouse buttons using IntelliPoint?

To customize your mouse buttons, open the IntelliPoint application, and navigate to the “Buttons” tab. Select the button you want to reprogram, choose a new function from the drop-down menu, and click “OK” to save your changes. You can also assign keyboard shortcuts or create custom actions using the software.

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