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La Fonera is the name of a series of Wi-Fi routers produced by the Spanish company Fon. These routers are designed for sharing wireless internet connection within the Fon Wi-Fi network. Members of this network, called ‘Foneros’, can use any Fon Wi-Fi hotspot worldwide if they share their own connection.


The phonetics of the keyword “La Fonera” would be: lə fəˈnɛrə.

Key Takeaways

  1. La Fonera is a router provided by the company FON that allows users to share their internet connection wirelessly. It uses a technology called Wi-Fi to create a network that other devices can connect to, giving them access to the internet.
  2. The device differentiates between private and public networks. The users not only get a secure, private Wi-Fi network for themselves, but also share a portion of their broadband connection with other Foneros (FON members), thereby forming a global network of shared hotspots.
  3. The business model of La Fonera is often based on reciprocity. Users who share their internet connection via La Fonera can likewise connect to the internet for free when they are in range of any other FON hotspot around the world.


La Fonera is an important term in technology because it is associated with a strategy for providing widespread access to wireless internet. It refers to a specific type of WiFi router provided by Fon, a global company known for creating the world’s first crowdsourced Wi-Fi network. Fon’s approach promotes a shared economy model for internet connectivity, where users who share their unused bandwidth can, in return, access free WiFi from any other Fon router across the globe. La Fonera thus played a crucial role in enabling the decentralization of internet access, thereby increasing its affordability and accessibility, and challenging traditional business models in the telecommunications industry.


La Fonera is a wireless router designed around a unique principle: sharing your internet connection with a wider community. Developed by FON, a Spanish company, the primary purpose of La Fonera is to create a global network of shared Wi-Fi hotspots. When users purchase a La Fonera router and connect it to their internet service, they dedicate a portion of their bandwidth to be used freely by other FON members (termed ‘Foneros’). In return, these members share their own connections, creating a worldwide web of accessible Wi-Fi.The ultimate goal of La Fonera is to facilitate internet access for people in varied geographical locations, regardless of their personal internet subscriptions. Whether you’re at home or traveling, if you’re near a Fonero’s router, you can connect to the internet. The La Fonera router splits the Wi-Fi signal into two: a private one for secured personal use, and a public one for shared use among the FON network. By doing this, it ensures owners’ internet security while promoting a global community of internet sharing.


1. Personal Home Use: La Fonera is a wireless router that enables a homeowner to share a portion of their private internet connection with others, as a part of the Fon community. A person who wishes to use a portion of their home’s WiFi network to contribute to this global network can use a La Fonera device. 2. Small Business Use: A small coffee shop can use La Fonera to have a secure Wi-Fi for their operations and another for their customers, that can be accessed by those who are a part of Fon network, either free or with a fee. 3. Public Spaces: In the urban public settings, where the municipality or local government wants to provide public Wi-Fi, La Fonera technology can be used. As with the other scenarios, they can share part of the internet bandwidth through Fon’s network and Fon community members can access the internet in these public spaces at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: What is La Fonera?A: La Fonera is a series of Wi-Fi routers produced by Fon Wireless Ltd, aimed at allowing users to share their internet connection with the Fon community.Q: How does La Fonera work?A: La Fonera works by splitting your internet connection into two separate Wi-Fi signals – one for private use and one for public use. This allows Fon members (known as Foneros) to securely share their connection with others in the community.Q: Is it safe to use La Fonera?A: Yes, La Fonera employs a high level of encryption and isolation methods to ensure that your private network remains secure and the shared connection does not compromise your digital security.Q: What is the range of La Fonera routers?A: The exact range can differ based on the specific model and environmental factors, but on average, La Fonera routers can cover about 100 meters indoors and up to 200 meters outdoors.Q: Can I use La Fonera if I am not in the Fon community?A: You can use a La Fonera router just like any standard Wi-Fi router. However, access to the shared network of Fon hotspots around the world is limited to Fon community members only.Q: How do I become a Fon member?A: You can become a Fon member by purchasing a La Fonera router and establishing a network connection on it. Once done, you’re automatically part of the Fon community.Q: Can I control the bandwidth shared with the Fon community?A: Yes, you can. La Fonera routers allow you to set limits on the bandwidth that is available for sharing, ensuring your private connection speeds are not affected.Q: What are the benefits of using La Fonera?A: The major advantage of using La Fonera is that it gives you access to a global network of shared Wi-Fi hotspots. As a Fon member, you can connect to any Fon hotspot in the world for free.

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