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The Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC) is a non-profit organization based in Japan that aims to facilitate the growth and development of mobile computing. They work by establishing standards, conducting surveys and research, and promoting the collaboration of its member companies. Their goal is to create a more convenient and efficient information society using mobile computing technologies.


The phonetic pronunciation of “Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium” would be:Mobile – /ˈmoʊ.baɪl/ Computing – /kəmˈpjuːtɪŋ/Promotion – /prəˈmoʊ.ʃən/Consortium – /kənˈsɔːr.ti.əm/

Key Takeaways

  1. The Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC) aims at the development and promotion of mobile computing. It works toward establishing standards and creating a favorable environment for mobile computing.
  2. MCPC encompasses various industries including hardware manufacturers, software developers, network providers, and service providers. This wide range of membership demonstrates its commitment to collaborative innovation and integration in the field of mobile computing.
  3. The third main takeaway about MCPC is its focus on research and development in mobile computing. They emphasize on technical standards, research publications, and organizing technical seminars and conferences to increase knowledge sharing and innovation in mobile computing.


The Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC) holds significant importance in the field of technology due to its primary objective of promoting mobile computing. The consortium is a collaboration of leading industries, academic bodies, and governmental organizations working together to create standards, guidelines, and a facilitating environment for the advancement and proliferation of mobile computing. The essence of MCPC lies in contributing to societal development by integrating different forms of information and communications technology. By resolving common issues faced by mobile computing and encouraging its widespread adoption, MCPC enables seamless access to information anywhere and at any time, thereby enhancing the user experience, boosting efficiency, and fostering innovation in mobile technology.


The Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC) is a group dedicated to promoting the widespread use and advancement of mobile computing technology. This organization recognizably serves to streamline the seamless integration of mobile technologies into both commercial and individual communication systems. The MCPC strives to create a universally convenient mobile computing environment that can be easily accessed, anytime, anywhere. They recognize the profound influence that mobile computing has on various sectors such as business, education, healthcare, and entertainment, and are dedicated to enhancing user experiences in these contexts. The consortium seeks to achieve its aims by implementing various initiatives that enhance the interoperability, reliability, and security of mobile services. They also promote advanced research in mobile technologies and foster the development of innovative applications and services. By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders, including users, platform developers, and network operators, they are able to guide the direction of mobile computing technologies and set strategies for their proliferation. Overall, MCPC acts as a pivotal architect in the progression of the mobile computing landscape.


The term “Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium” seems to refer to organizations or collaborations that focus on promoting the advancement and use of mobile computing technology. However, there doesn’t appear to be any specific real-world instances or groups that go by this exact name. However, I can provide examples of similar entities:1. GSM Association (GSMA): An industry organization that represents the interests of mobile network operators globally. GSMA works on projects related to mobile computing, including promoting mobile technologies and applications in underprivileged areas.2. Open Handset Alliance (OHA): A consortium led by Google, which is committed to promoting the development and acceptance of the Android platform. The group focuses on innovation in mobile experience and delivers a better mobile experience for users.3. The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA): A global non-profit trade association which aims at establishing mobile as an essential part of the marketing mix. MMA creates relevant guidelines and technical standards to promote mobile marketing.Remember, the concept of a “Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium” can be applied to any group or entity that aims to further the development, adoption, or standardization of mobile computing technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: What is the Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC)?A: The Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium is an organization based in Japan, which seeks to promote and streamline activities related to mobile computing technologies across industries. This consortium is responsible for providing guidelines, developing new practices, and creating a platform for collaboration.Q: What are the roles and responsibilities of the MCPC?A: MCPC promotes mobile computing, advocates for the standardization of technologies, and provides opportunities for knowledge exchange among its members. The consortium also works on research, and is engaged in the development of future technologies.Q: Who are the members of the Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium?A: The consortium consists of companies, academic institutions, and government bodies operating or interested in the field of mobile computing. These include technology giants, software developers, telecommunications companies, and more.Q: How can an organization become a member of MCPC?A: Organizations can apply for membership through the official MCPC website. The application would then be reviewed, and if acceptable to the consortium’s guidelines and objectives, the organization would be granted membership.Q: What specific areas does MCPC emphasize in mobile computing? A: MCPC works on various aspects of mobile computing, including mobile solutions, networks, mobile applications, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, security, and privacy concerns related to mobile.Q: How does MCPC contribute to mobile technology standardization and interoperability?A: MCPC conducts research and discussions on standardization and interoperability of mobile technologies. It also promotes guidelines and best practices to ensure smooth functioning across platforms and devices.Q: Why is MCPC focused on the future technologies in mobile computing?A: MCPC understands that the evolution of mobile computing technology is rapid. By focusing on future technologies, MCPC aims to stay ahead of the curve, promote innovation, and ensure that their member organizations remain competitive in the market.

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