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The Oracle of Bacon is a fun and interactive website that uses the concept of six degrees of separation to link any actor or actress to actor Kevin Bacon through their film or television credits. It is based on the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game that seeks to prove that Kevin Bacon is the center of the Hollywood universe. The Oracle of Bacon uses information from the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) to make these connections.


The phonetic pronunciation of “Oracle of Bacon” would be:awr-uh-kul uhv bey-kuhn

Key Takeaways

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  1. The Oracle of Bacon is centered on the concept of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”, which implies that any Hollywood actor can be connected to Kevin Bacon within six steps, based on their film appearances.
  2. It leverages the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) to determine the relationships between different actors and Kevin Bacon. The lower the Bacon number, the closer the actor is to Bacon.
  3. The Oracle of Bacon is not limited to Kevin Bacon only. Users can select any two actors to see their connections.



The Oracle of Bacon is a fun and educational concept that originated from the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”. This tech term is important because it demonstrates the principles of a computer algorithm used in graph theory. The Oracle of Bacon website connects any actor or actress to actor Kevin Bacon through a chain of co-starring roles in films, showing that they are all typically within six degrees of separation. This not only emphasizes the interconnectedness of the film industry, but also illustrates a larger lesson about the small-world phenomenon found in many complex networks, including social and economic systems, computer networks and even biological systems. Utilizing a large dataset from the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), the Oracle of Bacon showcases the practical application of data mining, relationship mapping and network analysis in a relatable and intriguing way.


The Oracle of Bacon represents a fun and engaging application of mathematics and technology that operates based on the “six degrees of separation” concept. This concept suggests each person is only six or fewer acquaintances away from another person in the world. The Oracle of Bacon specifically applies this logic to Hollywood, demonstrating how any given actor is connected to prolific actor Kevin Bacon, leveraging his extensive filmography to establish links.The principal purpose of the Oracle of Bacon is to entertain and educate. Many users find it fascinating to realize how interconnected the world – or in this case, the film industry – actually is. At its core, it is an illustration of network theory, showing how you can trace a path between any two points in a network using a limited number of steps. For film buffs and casual viewers alike, it offers a unique perspective on the relationships within the industry. Schools and colleges also use it as a learning resource for computer science and math, as it offers a tangible, understandable demonstration of complex networking principles.


The “Oracle of Bacon” actually refers to a game created based on the concept of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”. The game involves finding the shortest connection between an arbitrary actor and actor Kevin Bacon. This concept can be applied in various ways in the real world:1. Social Networking Platforms: This is perhaps the most prevalent real-world example of the Oracle of Bacon concept. Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn use algorithms similar to the Oracle of Bacon to suggest people you may know. The system is able to make these suggestions based on mutual connections you have with other people.2. Academic Researches:In the scientific arena, this concept is used to showcase relationships between different researchers and scientists. There are different platforms that use the “Oracle of Bacon” algorithm to show how closely related two scientists may be based on their collaborations or common research topics.3. Collaborative Filtering in Recommendation Systems: Many online platforms like Amazon and Netflix use a similar concept for their recommendation systems, to propose products or movies that are somehow connected to user past activity or other users with similar tastes. It’s important to note that the “Oracle of Bacon” isn’t a technology, but a fun application of an algorithm that can be used in many technologies and applications. It uses Graph theory in mathematics, where entities (like actors, people on social media, or products) are represented as nodes on a graph, and the relationships between the entities are represented as edges. With this representation, you can use various path-finding algorithms to connect one node to another in the least number of steps or edges.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: What is the Oracle of Bacon?A: The Oracle of Bacon is a quirky, fun web-based game that operates on the principle of “Six Degrees of Separation”. It uses IMDB data to find the shortest connection between an actor and the famous Kevin Bacon. The term itself stems from a play on the Greek Oracle of Delphi and actor Kevin Bacon’s last name. Q: Who created the Oracle of Bacon?A: The Oracle of Bacon was created by Brett Tjaden, who was a Computer Science student at the University of Virginia at the time (1996).Q: How does the Oracle of Bacon work? A: Users input the name of any actor into the Oracle of Bacon’s search interface. The program then uses database algorithms to find the shortest path of movie connections between that actor and Kevin Bacon. Each link represents a movie in which two actors have starred together.Q: What is the Kevin Bacon number?A: The Kevin Bacon number is a measure of the “Bacon-ness” of an actor. An actor’s Bacon number indicates the length of the link between that actor and Kevin Bacon, as calculated by the Oracle of Bacon. If an actor has worked directly with Kevin Bacon, they have a Bacon number of 1. If they worked with someone who has worked with Bacon, their number is 2, and so on. Q: Can I find my Kevin Bacon number?A: Since the Oracle of Bacon utilizes IMDb data, unless you are an actor who has appeared in a film listed on IMDb and connected by degrees to Kevin Bacon, you cannot technically get a Bacon number. Q: Why Kevin Bacon? Why not another actor?A: The concept comes from a 1994 interview where Kevin Bacon mentioned that he’s worked with everyone in Hollywood or someone who’s worked with them. This developed into a game named “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”. The Oracle of Bacon took this concept and automated the process.Q: Do all actors have a Kevin Bacon number?A: While most actors connected to the Hollywood film industry will have a Bacon Number, not every actor worldwide will necessarily have a Bacon number, especially if they have no links to international or Hollywood cinema.Q: Is the Oracle of Bacon affiliated with Kevin Bacon?A: No, the Oracle of Bacon and its creators are not affiliated with Kevin Bacon. However, Kevin Bacon himself has acknowledged and made light of the concept in various public spheres.

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