Fill a List Box with the Values from a Database Table

Fill a List Box with the Values from a Database Table

Use this code to fill a list box with the values from a database table. The first field in the query provides the ItemData for the list:

 Call FillList(dbase, "select personno, " & _	"personname from tblperson order by " & _	"personname;", lstperson)Sub FillList(thedb As Database, thesql As _	String, THELIST As Control)On Error Resume Next	THELIST.Clear	Call FillListAp(thedb, thesql, THELIST)End SubSub FillListAp(thedb As Database, thesql As _	String, THELIST As Control)	On Error Resume Next	Dim theset As Recordset	Dim inlist As String	Dim I As Integer	Set theset = thedb.OpenRecordset(thesql, _		dbOpenSnapshot)	While Not theset.EOF		For I = 1 To theset.Fields.Count - 1			If I = 1 Then				If IsNull(theset.Fields(I)) Then					inlist = "Null"				Else					inlist = theset.Fields(I)				End If			Else				If IsNull(theset.Fields(I)) Then					inlist = inlist & Chr(9) & "Null"				Else					inlist = inlist & Chr(9) & _						theset.Fields(I)				End If			End If		Next I		THELIST.AddItem inlist		THELIST.ItemData(THELIST.NewIndex) = _			theset.Fields(0)		theset.MoveNext	Wend	theset.CloseEnd Sub
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