Simplify Command-Line Argument Parsing

Simplify Command-Line Argument Parsing

ArgumentParser simplifies command-line argument processing by separating arguments into positional parameters and options (any argument starting with “-” or “/” is considered an option, which may specify a value). Construct an ArgumentParser instance with your command-line arguments, then ask the ArgumentParser for parameters and options:

 java YourClass -level=5 firstParam -verbose secondParamin    public static void main(String[] args) {        ArgumentParser p = new ArgumentParser(args);        if (p.hasOption("?") {            printUsage();        }        else {            boolean verboseMode = p.hasOption("verbose");            level = p.getOption("level");            doSomethingWithParams(p.nextParam(), p.nextParam());        }    }==================== ====================import java.util.*;public class ArgumentParser {    public ArgumentParser(String[] args) {        for (int i = 0; i < args.length; i++) {            if (args[i].startsWith("-") || args[i].startsWith("/")) {                int loc = args[i].indexOf("=");                String key = (loc > 0) ? args[i].substring(1, loc) :args[i].substring(1);                String value = (loc > 0) ? args[i].substring(loc+1) :"";                options.put(key.toLowerCase(), value);            }            else {                params.addElement(args[i]);            }        }    }    public boolean hasOption(String opt) {        return options.containsKey(opt.toLowerCase());    }    public String getOption(String opt) {        return (String) options.get(opt.toLowerCase());    }    public String nextParam() {        if (paramIndex < params.size()) {            return (String) params.elementAt(paramIndex++);        }        return null;    }    private Vector params = new Vector();    private Hashtable options = new Hashtable();    private int paramIndex = 0;}
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