Keep Your IIS Browser Definitions Current

Internet Information Server includes a component that helps you determine the capabilities of a browser before you send code that may not be supported. The list of capabilities is stored in a file called browscap.ini on the Web server. If your browser definitions are too old, you may be denying newer browsers the right to see your rich content. You can get the latest update at Here’s a sample of an Active Server Pages script that displays some key information.

 <%@ Language=VBScript %><%Set browsercomponent = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType")%>  Browser is <%= browsercomponent.browser  %> 
Version is <%= browsercomponent.version %>
Major version is <%= browsercomponent.majorver %>
Minor version is <%= browsercomponent.minorver %>
Can handle frames? <%= browsercomponent.frames%>
Supports tables? <%= browsercomponent.tables%>
Okay to send JavaScript? <%=browsercomponent.javascript%>
Does it do cookies? <%=browsercomponent.cookies%>

When you update your browscap.ini you should stop and restart IIS to get the new version into memory. From the command line, use

 net stop iisadmin /ynet start w3svc
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