Pass Strings Using URLEncode

Pass Strings Using URLEncode

A question I seem to answer a lot comes from people trying to pass information through a query string. While Internet Explorer seems to be more forgiving and allows most strings to be passed, Netscape may oftentimes give you a “Malformed Request Error”. To ensure all values you pass are in the proper format be sure to use the URLEncode method when creating your string:

 Linkstring = "//myserver/test.asp?value1=" & _Server.URLEncode("value1") & "&value2=" & _Server.UrlEncode("value2") & "&value3=" & _Server.UrlEncode("value3")

The URLEncode is a method of the Server object and only accepts one parameter: the string to be converted. Be sure to only include the value to be converted and not the rest of the URL. Get into the practice of using this URLEncode so you won’t be surprised when data containing “unfriendly” characters is encountered.


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