Discern among servers with the MachineName property

Discern among servers with the MachineName property

As in classic ASP, you can use the Server object from inside any ASP.NET application. This property returns a reference to an HttpServerUtility class.

The HttpServerUtility class exposes only two properties: ScriptTimeout (the timeout in seconds for a request) and the new MachineName property, which returns the name of the server computer. You can use the latter property to understand whether the ASP.NET application is running on the development box or on the production server; this information might be useful to adopt slightly different parameters (for example, the connection string to the database).

' This code assumes that you have two computers: DEV (for testing)' and PRODUCT for the real production site.If Server.MachineName = "DEV" Then    ' running on the DEV test computerElse    ' running on the production machineEnd If


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