DrawRotateImage – rotating an image by a specified angle

' Rotate an image by a specified angle (in degrees)' The x and y parameters are the coordinates of the upper-left point' Note: requires Imports System.Drawing.Imaging'' Example:'   Dim gr As Graphics = Me.CreateGraphics'   gr.Clear(Color.White)'   Dim bmp As New Bitmap("logo.bmp")'   DrawRotateImage(gr, bmp, 100, 220, 45)'   DrawRotateImage(gr, bmp, 300, 220, 90)'   DrawRotateImage(gr, bmp, 500, 220, 135)'   bmp.Dispose()'   gr.Dispose()Sub DrawRotateImage(ByVal gr As Graphics, ByVal bmp As Bitmap, _    ByVal x As Single, ByVal y As Single, ByVal angle As Single)    ' Convert the angle in degrees.    angle = angle / (180 / Math.PI)    ' Find the position of (x1,y1) and (x2,y2).    Dim x1 As Single = x + bmp.Width * Math.Cos(angle)    Dim y1 As Single = y + bmp.Width * Math.Sin(angle)    Dim x2 As Single = x - bmp.Height * Math.Sin(angle)    Dim y2 As Single = y + bmp.Height * Math.Cos(angle)    ' Create the points array.    Dim points() As Point = {New Point(x, y), New Point(x1, y1), New Point(x2, _        y2)}    ' Draw the rotated image    gr.DrawImage(bmp, points)End Sub' Note: This code is taken from Francesco Balena's' "Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .NET" - MS Press 2002, ISBN 0735613753' You can read a free chapter of the book at ' http://www.vb2themax.com/HtmlDoc.asp?Table=Books&ID=101000

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