SearchFileInDirTree – Searches a file on a directory tree

SearchFileInDirTree – Searches a file on a directory tree

 Shared Function _    SearchTreeForFile(ByVal rootPath As String, ByVal inputPathName As String, _    ByVal outputPathBuffer As System.Text.StringBuilder) As BooleanEnd Function' Returns the complete path+name of the filename or a null string if the' filename hasn't been found. Only the first occurrence of the file is returned.'' Example: Debug.WriteLine(SearchFileInDirTree("d:codearchitectscodebox",'  "codebox.exe"))Function SearchFileInDirTree(ByVal rootDir As String, ByVal fileName As String) _    As String    Dim buffer As New System.Text.StringBuilder(260)    SearchTreeForFile(rootDir, fileName, buffer)    Return buffer.ToString()End Function

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