Creating an Executable

Creating an Executable

I would like to know how to make an EXE file that I can runit in another computer which does not have Visual Basic Installed.

VB 3 and 4 come with an Application Setup Wizard. If you run that on your project it will create setup disks (or put the setup files in a specified directory) that include all the dependant files needed.Please note that it often does too good of a job at this. It will include all the files (custom controls, etc.) referenced in your project even if you don’t actually use the control in your project. In other words, if it’s on your toolbar it’ll show up in your setup.The secret to getting around this is to make sure you don’t have any tools on the toolbar that aren’t actually being used in your project. Removing references to custom controls is different between VB 3 and VB 4, check your help file for more info.You can also tell the setup wizard not to include files as you’re walking through the process. Be careful here! Some files are ones that you haven’t intentionally included, but are needed because other dll’s, vbx’s, ocx’s, etc. depend on them.

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