Including VBScript in Every Page

Including VBScript in Every Page

Is there a way to share VBScript code between different Web pages?

The best way to do this is to use a feature that may or may not be supported on your server called server-side includes. These are similar to the #include directive used in C. They instruct the server to read in a particular file before displaying it to the user. At, we use server-side includes extensively to provide the toolbar that is displayed on the side of each page. If we want to change the look of the toolbar, we change one file and every page is instantly updated. Check with your system administrator to find out if server-side includes are available. You’re with Microsoft, so I would assume you are using their web server. It does support server-side includes; however, I don’t know the syntax. That would be the best way to include your VBScript code in every page.

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