Importing data

Importing data

Is there a utility or a routine that will allow comma-separated flat files to be imported into Blaze? I don’t want to spend too much money.

There is no 3rd party tool to import data into Blaze, although I have been working on one off and on for a few months. Your best bet today is to use the INPUT # function to read the columns into a set of variables. My next book will have a complete chapter on importing and exporting data.

The next release of Power Objects will include Oracle Lite instead of Blaze. I believe you will be able to get some utilities for Oracle Lite, but they will have to be purchased separately.

There will also be a chapter in a forthcoming advanced book on Power Objects from O’Reilly and Associates, which will be out in the third quarter of 1995, authored by the Power Objects Pro and others.

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