Converting from String to Integer or Float

Converting from String to Integer or Float

How can I convert a String type value to an integer or float?For example,

String str=”155.230″;float  real;real = str.HowCanIConvert???????; 
I’ve tried it like this:
Integer aValue = new Integer(String.valueOf(“1”)); 
But this method doesn’t always work.What’s the problem?

You’re lucky your solution worked at all! Probably, themethod:

  public static String valueOf(Object obj)  
was being called, as I see no variant of String.valueOf() that expects a String parameter.

Perhaps you intended

Of course this only returns an Integer. To get an int, you’llneed to compose it with another conversion:
int i = intValue(Integer.valueOf(“1”)); 
For floats, you need to first convert to a Float, thenconvert to a float:
float f = floatValue(Float.valueOf(“155.230”)); 
Java also provide a parseInt method. Try this:
   int i = Integer.parseInt(“1”); 


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