When I try to cutomize controls, I got a error message says “Object Serve Not Correctly Registered”. Following my friend’s opinion, I used the regocx32.exe in c:program filesmicrosoft visual basicsetup directory. I tried to find all the *.ocx and registered them using regocx32 *.ocx, but I still got the error message. Can you help me Please?

This is a fairly common problem, unfortunately. To fix it, you can run theRegClean program that Microsoft has made available at the following URL:
This removes all the references to controls no longer on the system. Itprobably also registers the controls that are on your system. However, ifa control is still not available, the program to use to register it isREGSVR32.EXE, which should be located in your WindowsSystem directory.To use it, simply call it with the full pathname of the control you wish toregister, as in this example:
You should get back a message saying that the registration was successful.If you are still having problems after that, reinstall the software.


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