Conversion from Paradox to Delphi

Conversion from Paradox to Delphi

I want to convert some code written in Paradox to Delphi. I am mainly interested in a quick method rather than the usual method. The code deals with the GUI that is the front end; I am not interested in converting the SQL.

Any suggestions?

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “the usual method.” As far as mimickingGUI operations is concerned, you’re better off just putting Delphi andParadox side by side and matching the look and feel. There is no “quick fix”that I know of, and if you were to attempt to discover one, you’d spend moretime messing around with the mechanics of that problem than solving youroriginal problem.

Besides, Delphi is so much easier for GUI programming than Paradoxthat I don’t see why you want to take a “shortcut” in the first place.


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