Can you recommend a hardware/software configuration for database?

Can you recommend a hardware/software configuration for database?

We need to search a simple three-million-record database containing names, phone numbers, accounts and dates. We will enter a phone number and must fetch the complete record, about 12,000 such numbers, in approximately four hours. Can you recommend a hardware/software configuration?

The most important part of your performance equation is database design. If the phone number is unique, as it should be, use it asa primary key, which will deliver optimal retrieval performance.

I have figured out that 12,000 rows in four hours works out to 3,000 rows per hour, which is 50 rowsper minute. This type of retrieval should not be a problem, although Iassume you are talking about multiple users, because I don’t think it’s possible that a usercan input a telephone number in less than two seconds.

The configuration of the database server is dependent on the type of serverdatabase, which you did not specify. Consult with the databasevendor for sizing and platform information for the database server.


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