Visual Basic 5.0 VBW Files

Visual Basic 5.0 VBW Files

I have noticed that each for project I create there is a file with a vbw extension. I found this type file mentioned in VB Help as a Visual Basic Workspace file (I think that’s it–I found it once but could not replicate the find later!). There is not mention of this type file in any of the MS documentation or in the books I have on VB5. CAn you tell me more about his type of file?

If you open the file with Notepad, you can see its contents. The file’sentries make it look like a way for Visual Basic to store the positions ofall the forms and modules in a project so that when you open them back up,they come back in the same position. Once you see the contents of thefile, VBW would seem to mean “Visual Basic Window” file.

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