Incoming Calls While Surfing

Incoming Calls While Surfing

We have one phone line coming into the house. How can I get the phone to ring and the Internet connection to be broken if I’m on the net when someone calls? Do I need software or call-waiting, and if so will the phone ring?

Most surfers choose not to allow their connection to the Internet to be broken unexpectedly. It has happened to me, but it was not my choice. It would be an especially bad thing if you were checking e-mail or downloading files, and the phone rang, and broke your connection. If you want to be sure that you know when you receive phone calls, a better choice would be to either get a second phone line or subscribe to phone mail from your local telephone company. The telephone company’s phone mail will allow you to keep your existing phone number, and will allow the caller to leave a message if you are online. Contact your local telephone company for more information.


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