I have two Visual FoxPro applications (App1 and App2) running in the same computer. App2 runs every 30 minutes. When App2 runs, App1 is slow because App2 consumes lots of CPU and memory. Can I limit the resources for App2 so that App1 won’t slow down? And, can I make App2 run as a server(in the background)?

You might want to take a look at the SYS(3050) function. It allows you to adjust the foreground and background buffer memory size. This may free up memory for you.

You might want to add more memory to the machine.

Another thing: you say that App2 runs every 30 minutes. Does this mean that App2 is in a loop waiting for 30 minutes to pass and then performs an operation? If so, this takes up a lot more CPU time. You may want to consider doing a READ EVENTS (which will use Visual FoxPro’s event loop, and doesn’t monopolize CPU time), and then use a timer to kick off the process every 30 mins.


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