Finding a SQL Builder Component

Finding a SQL Builder Component

I’m looking for an “SQL builder” component that I can plug into a VB application that is end-user-friendly. Essentially, I would like the component to allow users to use a graphical interface that represents the tables/views of an Informix DB with the output being a SQL statement. The resulting statement needs to be “accessible” to the application to save it for future use by the individual. I’ve searched several Web sites but did not find anything that appeared to have this functionality.

I don’t think it exists. I’ve spent a year looking for the same type of concept. I’m looking for a Microsoft Access-like ActiveX control that does just what you want.

PowerBuilder has exactly what I want, but it’s not an ActiveX control; it’s part of their application. Because you can connect to Access via ODBC, you may be able to get what you want by using Access as a front-end to the database. Several people use that technique, but I’d still like to find an ActiveX control that does it.


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