Which Install Method–Win9x or Win2K?

Which Install Method–Win9x or Win2K?

I need to upgrade my Installshield, so I have been researching available products. Both Installshield and Wise (and others) seem to produce excellent installers. However now that the Windows Installation system has been introduced with Win2k I am wondering which direction I should go.

Should I go completely with the newer technology, support both, or stay with the old style of installation? I am involved in the deployment of VB6 software that is distributed across the Internet. We distribute a demo program that is then “unlocked” when it is purchased.

I’d suggest using a tool that will provide an easy upgrade from Windows 9x to Windows 2000. I wouldn’t expect a lot of people to start using Windows 2000 right away, so you’ve got some time. Both Wise and InstallShield should provide upgrade paths, so I’d probably hold out for a little while before upgrading.

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