Moving from Fox for DOS to Visual FoxPro

Moving from Fox for DOS to Visual FoxPro

I would like some Visual FoxPro application as a starting guide in VFP 6. I’m finding it hard to add commands using a form. For example, I want to add records using a form, provided that the record number is not yet existing.

I know FoxPro for DOS very much but I can’t apply my programming skills in Visual FoxPro.

Moving from FoxPro for DOS to VFP 6 is a bit of a paradigm shift. Forms are not built with GENSCRN anymore, so you cannot view your forms as code, as you could in Fox 2.x. Object orientation has made things easier, but different than Fox 2.x.

VFP 6 ships with two things that can help. First, VFP ships with an application called Tastrade: the source code is provided so that you can see an approach to building an app in VFP 6.

VFP 6 also comes with an application framework with an application builder program that automates creating applications.


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