Outlook / Exchange Shared Calendars

Outlook / Exchange Shared Calendars

We have an Exchange server and are running Outlook 2000 on dozens of workstations. What is the best and easiest way to share calendars?

Well, you don’t specify what you’re going to be using the calendars for, but I think the conventional wisdom would be to use Public Folders for this. It’s certainly simple to do:

  1. Click File | New | Folder.
  2. Give the folder a name, set it to contain Appointment Items, and have it placed under the “Public Folders | All Public Folders” tree.
  3. Open your folder list (View | Folder List), right click the new public calendar folder, select properties, and go to the permissions tab. Then assign whatever permissions you like for the users.
  4. Tell your users that the folder exists, and they can (if they choose) add a shortcut to it on their Outlook bars by opening their folder lists (View | Folder List) then dragging and dropping the new public calendar to their Outlook bars.

Repeat this process for any additional calendar folders you want to share.


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