Date Time Values in Parameterized Queries

Date Time Values in Parameterized Queries

I have a parameterized SQL statement like the following:

"insert into eSession (ESessionID, eUserName, eLastActivityTime) VALUES(?,?,?)"

It’s parameters are ‘bbb’,’name’ and ‘2000/01/01 22:23:25′, using an ODBC connection. I can’t make the date work. Even using the ODBC timestamp format of {ts’yyyy-dd-mm hh:nn:ss’} does no good, although it does work when the statement is not parameterized, like so:

"insert into eSession (ESessionID, eUserName, eLastActivityTime) VALUES('bbb','name',{ts '2000-01-01 22:23:25'})"

Is there a generic solution that works with SQL Server, Oracle and Access (I know, but I was young and needed the money)?

Is eSession(eLastActivityTime) a time or a datetime format? Try putting double quotes around the date-time and see what that does.

Otherwise, since you can run it in a non-parameterized statement, the problem must lie in the parameterization process.

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