ASP Number Formatting

ASP Number Formatting

How do I format my numbers in the format ######, where a number of 123 would display as 000123?

Concatenate a string of zeros to the left of your number and then call the NumberFormat function on the right “n” portion of it. So, if your variable “intValue” had 123 in it, the following would produce 000123:

Response.write FormatNumber(Right
("0000000000" & Trim(intValue),6),0)Trim would get rid of leading and trailing spaces= 123"0000... would convert it to= 0000000000123Right would give the right 6 digits= 000123FormatNumber with zero decimal places would return= 000123

Actually, if you know that your number will never have a decimal point, you don’t even need the Format Number. The Right alone will take care of it.


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