How to Use Oracle Java XQuery API

How to Use Oracle Java XQuery API

This code outlines the main steps involved in using the Oracle Java XQuery API (OJXQI). If you are familiar with the DataDirectXQuery – XQuery for Java (DDXQ-XQJ), you may notice a some similarities.

XQueryContext XQC=new XQueryContext();  try    {    //the XQuery query is in a file called Q.xquery   //the XML file must be specified into the   //Q.xquery by the fn:doc XPath function - of course   //if you are using an XML Reader R=new FileReader("Q.xquery");    //"prepare" the query   PreparedXQuery PXQ=XQC.prepareXQuery(R);       //getting the results   XQueryResultSet XQRS=PXQ.executeQuery();    while(      {      XMLNode node=XQRS.getNode();     node.print(System.out);      }    }    catch (Exception e)    {        }
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