Long File Names Can Be Confusing

Long File Names Can Be Confusing

If you want to open Paint with a file from your application, it’s better to convert the path of the file you want to open from long to short names. Doing so is wise because in some situations-if your path contains spaces, for example-Paint may refuse to work properly. Before passing a file name to Paint, convert it to short names with this routine, which takes advantage of the Win32 API:

 Declare Function GetShortPathName Lib "kernel32" Alias _	"GetShortPathNameA" (ByVal lpszLongPath As String, _	ByVal lpszShortPath As String, _	ByVal cchBuffer As Long) As LongFunction ShortName(LongPath As String) As String	Dim ShortPath As String	Const MAX_PATH = 260	Dim ret&	ShortPath = Space$(MAX_PATH)	ret& = GetShortPathName(LongPath, ShortPath, MAX_PATH)	If ret& Then		ShortName = Left$(ShortPath, ret&)	End IfEnd Function

This trick may prove useful with any application you pass file names to. It would be smart to try passing “strange” file names/paths to make sure.

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