How to Turn PDFs into Excel Spreadsheets for Free

How to Turn PDFs into Excel Spreadsheets for Free

PDFs into Excel Spreadsheets

Excel is the best format for data-intensive projects. It allows you to instantly carry out calculations, build charts, analyze, and perform many other actions with data. When you receive documents in PDF format that contain data, converting them to Excel is essential to fully utilize all of these features. Find out how to convert PDFs into Excel spreadsheets for free and without losing quality. It will be useful in your daily work and will save you a lot of time.

2 Ways to Convert PDF to Excel

Mastering different ways to convert PDF files into editable formats is necessary for any user. PDF has become the standard adopted for document management in various industries. Fortunately, learning how to do this is very easy since the main secret lies in software tools that you use to convert documents. If you need to change a PDF into Excel, you can go in two main ways:

  • Use automatic converters;
  • Extract data manually.

Automatic PDF Conversion

If you want to convert PDF to Excel quickly and without hassle, it is better to use special applications.

  • Web-based applications allow you to convert files online and do not require downloading. At the same time, you must be sure of an uninterrupted Internet connection to access them.
  • Desktop applications are installed on your PC or another device and work without the need for an Internet connection.

PDF conversion with special software saves you time because even very large tables are transferred to Excel instantly. With some tools, you can convert PDF to Excel free of charge without spending money on a subscription to multifunctional services for editing PDFs.

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Manual PDF Conversion

Manual data extraction was common in those days when PDF converters were not freely available. Transferring data from one format to another manually can be more accurate but quite tedious. In addition, a user may unintentionally make mistakes, especially if they are working with a large amount of data. However, some users still follow this method, mainly for processing sensitive data.

How to Use an Automated PDF Converter

Modern tools for working with PDF files are fully automated and do not require any special knowledge from users. With online tools, you just need to upload the file to the PDF converter and then download it to your device when the task is completed. Here’s how it works:

  1. Access an online PDF converter;
  2. Select the PDF to Excel from the menu;
  3. Upload your PDF file to the platform;
  4. Wait a couple of seconds until the PDF converter completes its task;
  5. Download the Excel file to your device.

This process will generally look the same with desktop PDF converters.

How to Transfer Data from PDF to Excel Manually

This method is also simple, but it will take you much more time:

  1. Open the PDF file in any browser;
  2. Select and copy the data you need from the PDF;
  3. Open Excel and paste this data;
  4. Repeat this operation as many times as necessary to transfer all the data from the PDF file.

Conversion Tips for Best Results

    • To get perfect Excel spreadsheets after conversion, your PDF file must be in good condition. The operation of most PDF converters is based on OCR technology. They scan and convert the information contained in the file. Therefore, if there is any interference in the layout, it will affect the final result. Therefore, before converting, review the PDF file for irregularities.
    • Also, the quality of conversion may suffer in complex PDF files that contain diverse information — text, diagrams, pictures, tables, etc. Therefore, use advanced settings for such files, which greatly facilitate the work of the converter.
    • If you have a large PDF file but want to use a free converter to save PDF as Excel, split the file into several parts. Most free converters have file size limits. Having completed this operation, you will not have to subscribe to paid converters.
    • Check the file after conversion, even if you completely trust the PDF converter you have chosen. Automated tools may encounter some obstacles in the PDF file if it contains a complex structure. Therefore, it is better to make sure that all data is transferred correctly.
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The Bottom Line

Large amounts of data contained in PDF files are difficult to transfer into Excel tables manually. Besides the fact that it takes a lot of time, this method does not insure you against mistakes. Using automatic PDF converters is the most advanced way to convert formats. It is more efficient and guarantees PDF to Excel conversion without loss of quality. By choosing free PDF converters online, you save money and time and get editable spreadsheets for further work in Excel.

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