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Tip of the Day
Language: PL/SQL
Expertise: Intermediate
Jun 12, 2007

Quick Script Monitors Application-generated SQL

This script was written to monitor a program whose process life was only a few seconds. It runs forever and only outputs that SQL which is generated by the program as it's running.

To use it, simply replace MyProgram with your program's name.

while true; do
sqlplus -S system/oracle  <<!

set feedback off
set verify off
set heading off

select a.piece, a.sql_text from v\$sqltext a, v\$session b
where b.program like 'MyProgram'
and a.address = HEXTORAW(b.sql_address)
and a.hash_value = b.sql_hash_value
order by a.piece;
Jason Bramsden
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