Flexera Software Launches FlexNet Manager for VMware – Industry-First Software License Optimization Solution for VMware???s Virtualisation Products

Flexera Software Launches FlexNet Manager for VMware – Industry-First Software License Optimization Solution for VMware???s Virtualisation Products

Enables enterprises to optimise VMware spend, minimising “shelfware” and audit true-up fees for non-compliant software useMaidenhead, UK December 2, 2014. Flexera Software, the leading provider of next-generation software licensing, compliance and installation solutions for application producers and enterprises, today announced the industry’s firstSoftware License Optimisation solution for VMware products, FlexNet Manager for VMware. The newest component ofFlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises, FlexNet Manager for VMware automates the complex process of inventorying VMware products and reconciling installations with VMware licensing terms, enabling enterprises to buy only what they need and use what they have.”As CIOs seek to capture all the savings and efficiencies virtualisation delivers, they can’t forget that as much as 25% of software spend – including for VMware products – is being wasted because organisations fail to implement Software License Optimisation best practice processes and technology,” said Ed Rossi, Vice president of Product Management at Flexera Software. “Enterprises face a number of challenges in managing VMware licensing. For example, many VMware products are activated by license keys which, in some cases, are being used on more than one server, creating an over-deployment license compliance risk. FlexNet Manager for VMware delivers the automation organisations need to rein in this complexity, reduce license noncompliance risk and optimise spend.”Immediate Return: VMware Inventory and Software Asset Management FlexNet Manager for VMware is designed to deliver value and ROI regardless of where an organisation falls on the Software License Optimisation maturity model, which defines the stages of optimisation and corresponding benefits. For instance, at early stages of maturity organisations need basic inventory, Hardware Asset Management (HAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) capabilities allowing them to discover and inventory installed software, identify and measure software usage, and establish governance and automation to help ensure continual compliance.FlexNet Manager for VMware delivers immediate value with discovery and inventory capabilities for the vSphere and vCenter products, providing visibility into license key assignments across servers. The solution is able to detect if license keys are overused, which could cause an organisation to be out of compliance. It is also able to compare actual server capacity against assigned capacity to find underused license keys, revealing over-purchasing of VMware products. FlexNet Manager for VMware also supports many license models, such as device-based and processor-based models, used by VMware for both desktop and server-based products.Breakthrough ROI: Full Software License Optimisation and Predictive Analysis To fully optimise their software estates organisations need the ability to systematically apply all available software entitlements – product use rights — to ensure they’re fully utilising their existing licenses before they purchase more. FlexNet Manager for VMware provides breakthrough ROI, delivering unmatched payback as organisations progress towards full Software License Optimisation maturity. An included VMware product use rights library lets enterprises determine an accurate license position and minimise license consumption to reduce ongoing costs. Examples of product use rights that can be leveraged for optimisation include upgrade and downgrade rights, and “non-production” use rights that allow additional installations of the software under a single license for certain VMware products.

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