New enhancements to IBM i performance monitoring software reduce data center costs

New enhancements to IBM i performance monitoring software reduce data center costs

Free up IBM i storage resources by removing performance data; automate performance reporting; extrapolate performance trends to support capacity planningPETERBOROUGH, NH ??? October 8, 2014 ??? SoftLanding?? Systems, a division of UNICOM?? Global, has released a new version of its IBM i performance monitoring solution that allows performance data to be removed from the IBM i server to release storage space and deliver cost savings. The new SUPERMON for iSeries software also saves time and processing costs by enabling reports to be run out of hours, without manual intervention.Other new enhancements include the ability to extrapolate performance trends to help with capacity planning, and reporting on the CPW (common programming workload) performance benchmark.???SUPERMON for iSeries now gives customers the flexibility to hold their performance data on a separate server, on any SQL-compliant database, providing the potential to make use of low-cost storage solutions,??? said Jim Fisher, SoftLanding Operations Manager. ???This is a significant benefit as monthly performance data can sometimes run to several terabytes, taking up precious disk space on the IBM i platform.???A new facility to schedule periodic performance reports for automatic generation and delivery helps to save time and improve operational efficiency, explained Fisher:???Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be scheduled to run automatically and sent via email to those who need to view them, or dropped to a designated location on a network file system. Large reporting jobs ??? which often consume substantial system resources ??? can be configured to run overnight or outside of work hours in order to minimize the impact on business operations.???Other enhancements include reporting on the CPW, an industry performance benchmark for the IBM i platform, and a new facility which allows IBM i users to build charts extrapolating performance trends in areas such as CPU and disk resource usage to help with forecasting and capacity planning.SUPERMON for iSeries is designed to provide real-time performance monitoring and control of IBM i servers from a central point of control. The software enables performance issues to be pinpointed before they become critical; resources to be utilized more effectively; and upgrades to be deferred for longer periods of time.SoftLanding???s IBM i products and solutions are commercially available through UNICOM Global???s UNICOM Systems and Macro 4 divisions. For additional product information please visit

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