rostrvm 9 addresses customer service challenges

rostrvm 9 addresses customer service challenges

Contact centre software developer Rostrvm Solutions has launched rostrvm 9, an innovative platform that supports the call centre transformation into a customer service hub by providing exactly the tools and functions needed.The contact centre has changed from dealing with straightforward transactions to handling a wide range of customer issues and through a variety of media. Contact centres are having to accommodate this to remain profitable and maintain excellent relationships. rostrvm 9 offers the right solutions and is tailored to fit individual business requirements.A survey carried out recently by Rostrvm of a cross-section of contact centres showed that all still operate telephone-based media but over 96% manage more than one medium, with email featuring prominently. Talk times have lengthened and after-call work is increasing.Even in call centres that regard themselves as primarily inbound, 40% of all contacts were actually outbound – such as when returning calls and following up enquiries.rostrvm 9 builds upon the strong base of Rostrvm Solutions??? 30 years of experience in the contact centre industry and incorporates specific real-world client feedback, with 128 updates, making a flexible and robust product to tackle these sorts of challenges.Today???s smart-phone users have email in their pockets and expect much higher service levels. To meet their needs, rostrvm 9 provides additional facilities and text-based contact management to handle greater email and text message volumes efficiently and effectively.rostrvm 9 also provides extended management information, which enables contact centres to monitor operations and understand customers??? service perceptions quickly.Greater website use presents another challenge and there are times when contacting prospects and customers promptly is imperative. For example a prospect starting, but not completing, a quotation on a website represents a clear business opportunity. Here, rostrvm 9 offers Precision dialling, which transfers information from the website to the dialler, so that prospects can be contacted straight away.One particular issue that affects all parts of the business is managing multiple IT applications on the desktop. rostrvm 9 cleans up messy desktops and awkward IT systems that slow people down. It also does the same in the Back Office, providing a structured, proactive approach to task management.Ken Reid of Rostrvm Solutions said, ???rostrvm 9 is borne out of a great deal of research, listening to consumers and lengthy development. The result is a flexible, robust application which allows our clients to work profitably, productively, efficiently and with accountability. Contact centre customers will appreciate the discernible improvements in customer service achieved by using rostrvm 9.??? To find out more call Rostrvm Solutions on 0800 6122 192 or visit

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