KeepInRange – Ensure that a value is in a given range

' Keep the first argument in the range [lowLimit, highLimit]' If the value is adjusted, the fourth (optional) argument is set to True'' This function works will all basic data types and with objects ' that implement the IComparable interfaceFunction KeepInRange(ByVal value As Object, ByVal lowLimit As Object, _    ByVal highLimit As Object, Optional ByRef OutOfRange As Boolean = False) As _    Object    ' we leverage the IComparable interface    Dim icomp As IComparable = DirectCast(value, IComparable)    If icomp.CompareTo(lowLimit) < 0 Then        OutOfRange = True        Return lowLimit    ElseIf icomp.CompareTo(highLimit) > 0 Then        OutOfRange = True        Return highLimit    Else        OutOfRange = False        Return value    End IfEnd Function

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