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Microsoft Will Release Windows 10 This Summer

The company is testing a tool that puts Windows 10 on Android devices.


Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 "will launch in 190 countries and 111 languages around the world this summer." The company reportedly plans to let all Windows 7 or 8 users upgrade to Windows 10 for free, even if they did not purchase the OS legally. This is a big switch from Microsoft's previous harsh stance towards software pirates.

During the announcement, Microsoft also revealed that it is testing technology that puts Windows 10 on Android phones. Right now, "power users" of the Xiaomi Mi 4have "the ability to flash their phones with the new Windows 10 OS and provide feedback to Xiaomi and Microsoft on their experience." According to Microsoft, "This partnership will allow Xiaomi and Microsoft to get direct user feedback and continue to improve the experience for China. Microsoft is thrilled to see Xiaomi embracing Windows 10 and offering this great value to their customers."

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