September 29, 1999

Using ASP as Opposed to HTML Files

Question: I have been testing the delivery of ASP pages versus HTML pages and found that there is a considerable difference (ASP = 1 per sec / HTML = 187

Generate Numbers at the Server End

Question: How do I generate numbers at the server end? I have an application in which I am accessing data from an Access database and I want to define each

Create an Instance of an ActiveX Component

Question: I am using Visual InterDev to create a data-driven Web application. How do I create an instance of a user-defined ActiveX component in Visual InterDev? I have created an

Center Your Frames/Dialogs

You can find many tips on how to center a window within the screen, but howabout centering a window in its parent container? The following code showsyou how to do

Detect if Swing is Installed

Sometimes it is useful to know if Swing is installed in a Java environmentor not, especially if you are dealing with browsers. You can simply try tocreate a Swing component,

Who’s Who in Java Commerce

Java WalletThe Java Wallet is a family of Java products designed to enablesecure electronic commerce operations. It incorporates the Java CommerceClient, Commerce JavaBeans components, the Gateway Security Model, and JavaCommerce